Afscme 31 Tentative Agreement

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AFSCME Council 31 executives reached a preliminary agreement with the state last month, and the union announced Saturday that a majority of those who voted among its nearly 40,000 members had approved the contract “at a high margin,” according to Council 31 Executive Director Roberta Lynch. Governor J.B Pritzker and AFSCME Council 31 said in a statement that they had reached an interim agreement for 40,000 civil servants. “This agreement is a new beginning,” Council Executive Director Roberta Lynch said in the statement. “For four years, the inter-union has done its job and served their communities despite the chaos of Bruce Rauner.” There have been a number of differences of opinion as to how many state employees are involved in their health insurance, how easy it is to relocate jobs, and whether you are moving from a 37.5-hour week to a 40-hour week. “This agreement reflects a new beginning for government officials,” said Roberta Lynch, Executive Director of AFSCME Council 31. For four years, union members did their jobs and served their communities, despite the chaos, hostility and relentless attacks of Bruce Rauner. In the Pritzker administration, AFSCME members have an employer who understands the importance of their work, respects their rights and is a constructive partner in collective bargaining. Governor J.B. Pritzker says the agreement ends the Rauner era of “ideological warfare.” The agreement ends more than four years of stalled negotiations and bitter legal clashes with former Gov. Bruce Rauner. He said the agreement would be reflected in the new state budget that will be put to the General Assembly vote and was “consistent with my long-term plans to stabilize Illinois` finances.” The agreement is “provisional” only to the extent that it must be ratified by rank and deeds.

If that happens, it is a finished market. Early in the morning, the government of Governor JB Pritzker and AFSCME Council 31 – Illinois` largest union of public servants – agreed on a new contract. Just in time for a new budget in Illinois, which will probably still pass through the General Assembly today, the state has signed a new contract with its main workers` union. The agreement, subject to ratification by union members, would end more than four years of bitter talks and legal clashes under former Governor Bruce Rauner, who lost his re-election bid. The conditions were not disclosed before the ratification meetings to be held on the construction sites in the coming days. AFSCME says the governor understands workers` rights and respects their work; Pritzker says the agreement “treats all taxpayers fairly.” Disagreements led Rauner to calculate a deadlock so that he could impose conditions on members.


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